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Cannpany is seed stage start-up, seeking funding to build its first full-sized cultivation center. The company is developing a new generation of cultivation facility for cannabis growers, inspired by the founders’ experience in clean-tech, production, and cannabis cultivation. Cannpany’s Cultivation Center (C3) patent-pending technology provides amplified light to plant, helping growers increase crop yield, quality, and consistency while lowering operating costs, creating a better balance sheet than any other cultivation centers at comparable or lower capital expenses. Each C3 is served by a field of dual-sided solar trackers. On one side, a mirror (Heliostat) guiding natural light through a solar reflecting tower to the plants, the second, a PV panel producing clean power. As solar radiation changes seasonally and hourly, the dual-sided tracker solution allows our software, to optimize the growth potential of the plant while using any surplus solar radiation to produce clean power. Cannpany’s solution offers the growers: · Perpetual growth cycles all year, we amplify the sun even in the coldest places · Higher yield, Light = Yield, more light equals more produce · Better cannabinoid and terpenes content, natural light produces more of what matters · Better environmental controls offer better consistency to meet and exceed GMP requirements · Better economics: o Direct Savings for each watt of light supplied o Indirect Savings in lower cooling loads in summer and lower heating load at winter o Returns - Grid buy or direct use, each PV generated Watt has value Important to note, the technology is built first for cannabis, but will fit other high-value crops. For more information please contact:

The California Israel Chamber of Commerce’s (CICC) Cyber Security committee serves as a focal point for thought-leadership, strategic business development, and investment activities supporting the IT security industry.

The Cyber Security Committee is led by recognized leaders from large security companies and investment firms. The forum develops programs and events that educate, connect, ...

The Mobile and Internet Committee is a vital industry forum with a goal of expanding the business ties between California and Israel in the Mobile & Internet sector. The forum educates communities (in Israel and CA) about trends and opportunities in the Mobile and Internet fields, such as new technologies, business models, investment trends, merger and acquisition trends, public markets, in ...

The Big Data, SaaS & Cloud Committee provides a platform that is dedicated to establishing programs focused on trends, case studies, educational sessions to advance the Big Data/Cloud field and the opportunities that “Big Data” brings, stimulate business innovation and entrepreneurship in both communities.

The committee is comprised of a diverse group of leading experts, visionaries ...

The MedTech committee of the California Israel Chamber of Commerce (CICC) is comprised of CICC professional members, and experts in the field of healthcare including areas such as Medical Device, Digital Health and Life Science.

The committee members are situated in both Israel and California, and work collaboratively to develop and drive comprehensive programs. These programs promote an ...

The Ag-tech committee is comprised of representatives in fields related to crop growing, packing, agricultural products, supply chains, produce purchasers and other industry challenges specific to this geographic location.

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