February 28, 2013 – CEOs & Founders Roundtable: Managing your board of Directors Roundtable

The Executive Roundtable – Managing your board of directors was our 1st in the series

of roundtable forum. The roundtable forum is lead by Rob Sher the Principal of CEO to

CEO. It is an education program for Executives that are discussing

and sharing relevant challenges.

Squire Sanders LLC  hosted the event at their offices in

Palo Alto.

Boards are one of the most common sources of frustration for many CEOs. While a
well-built, functioning board can be a big asset for any CEO, many fall short of ideal.
Regardless, CEOs are charged with leading the firm and the board, and getting what
they and the business needs from the board is paramount.
Bring your board-related situation and hear the collective wisdom of other CEOs &
Founders around the table as they discuss your or other attendee’s situations as case
studies. Showcase your experience as you offer approaches to the situations other
attendees bring.


Roundtable Subjects Included:

  • What are best practices for CEOs and board members?
  •  What can a CEO do to deal with conflicts of interest on their board?
  •  What are the boundaries for CEO authority vs. board authority
  •  When a board is not functioning well, what can the CEO do to change the dynamics?
  •  How do boards treat the CEO differently when on-target or ahead of target vs. behind target?

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