September 20, 2013 – Executive Roundtable – Building and Maintaining a High Performance Environment


The Executive Roundtable – Building and Maintaining a High Performance Environment was our 3rd in the series of roundtable forum. The workshop and the roundtable forum that followed are lead by Rob Sher the Principal of CEO to CEO . It is an education program for Executives that are discussing and sharing relevant challenges.

The event was hosted by Wells Fargo.


About the workshop:

High tech startups are exciting—and full of pressure.  Pressure can be both bad and good.  Along with all the exciting moments are the big disappointments, when setbacks arrived.  Keeping the team highly motivated through all the rounds of funding (and despite the opinions of others) is not simple.


A big contributor to the problem is that many early and mid-stage tech company CEOs do not take a strategic and disciplined approach to shaping the workplace environment—they just hire smart and connected people and hope it all works. The workplace environment is the sum total of what it feels like to work at the firm. Most CEOs feel responsible for achieving the company’s mission by using their management team and resources.  They need their team to perform. But creating a highly productive working environment beyond the top team requires far more: a CEO and top team with a long-term commitment to create such an environment, and then a step-by-step plan to put it in place.

The executives learned:

  • Learn the five common causes of low performance environments.

  • Learn how to apply performance pressure in a productive fashion.

  • Understand the power for visibility to drive results.

  • Learn when to put the risk of failure front and center.

  • Discover why your employees should not feel satisfied with their performance—ever.

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