April 25, 2014 – Executive Roundtable – Seven Essentials to Sell Your Company at a Premium

Many mid-market CEOs sell their companies for far less than what they’d hoped for because they hadn’t prepared for the “Exit Day”. One such firm started in the early 1980’s and grew into an industry leader. After scorning an exit opportunity in 2007 (4X EBITDA wasn’t enough), in 2011 the business was sold in distress for just enough cash to pay off the bank plus seller-financed debt, which is now in default. The owners walked away from 30 years of toil with only their memories.

CEOs under invest in training themselves and preparing their firms for an exit. Most CEOs are inexperienced at selling a business and selling rarely feels urgent. As a result, other priorities jump ahead, and they don’t build skill or knowledge about exiting until the event is upon them.

What you will learn:

  • Learn how to build a list of potential buyers.
  • Modify how you run the business to increase value at time of exit.
  • Understand the time frame to exit.
  • Know buyer turn-offs and turn-ons.
  • Get a grasp of the role of lawyers, investment bankers, accountants and others that can help.


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Roundtable Moderator:  Robert Sher, Founding Principal of CEO to CEO






Robert has consulted at over 80 mid-market companies, and is a regular Forbes.com columnist author of the book The Feel of the Deal, and a veteran CEO with 23 years’ experience. He serves as a board member of KBFA, Inc., is a Director of the Alliance of Chief Executives, a president of the Association for Corporate Growth San Francisco and is on the CICC advisory Circle.

About the CICC Leadership Roundtable Series

The CICC Leadership Roundtable Series is a forum to learn about and share best practices, ideas, feedback, experiences and to help find solutions to day to day challenges executives face at work. Stepping up your game as a growth company top executive is a prerequisite to your success and your company’s success. Investors and acquirers look first to the strength of the top team. This series focuses in on the unique skills required to run high-growth and midsized companies – skills that are often very different than those required for success in big companies. This series of workshops builds the skills of high growth and mid-market CEOs, founders and their top teams. The roundtable discussion is limited to a small group size of 10-15 people.

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