June 10-13, 2013 – Delegation to Israel
CICC offered its delegates a VIP access to the Cyber Security week, BioMed
conference, Med in Israel, Mobile conference, USVP Conference and the American
Israel Chamber gala that took place on the same week in Israel. It demonstrated the
Israeli innovation ecosystem and provide the participants the opportunity to see Israel
not just the country of thousands of startups but a technology world leader second only
to California. The delegation provided the opportunity to link executives from Silicon
Valley companies, investment banks, venture capital, and private equity firms with
numerous Israeli technology companies, in the area of Cyber Security, Mobile & Internet
and Big Data, SaaS & Cloud and MedTech.
The delegation included a visit to the Technion, HP Labs and Rafael….
Thank you to all of our sponsors for their continual support: SVB ,
USVP, GKH, Israel Economic Mission to the West Coast,

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