May 17, 2013 – Executive Roundtable – Building Dynamic Operating Plans for Fast Changing Organizations
The Executive Roundtable – Building Dynamic Operating Plans for Fast Changing
Operations was our 2nd in the series of roundtable forum. The workshop and the
roundtable forum that followed are lead by Rob Sher the Principal of CEO to CEO. It is an
education program for Executives that are discussing and sharing
relevant challenges.
The event was hosted by Bank Leumi USA.
About the workshop:
Fast moving early and mid stage companies can’t do big company planning – it’s too
slow. But as soon as there is a small leadership team at a startup, being clear on what
the priorities are and what work should be done first is essential. Simple operating
plans, progress tracking and staying prioritization does not have to be cumbersome. If
the CEO is to be free for innovation, he or she must know that the rest of the team is
getting the right things done each day. Yet many founder-CEOs don’t naturally organize
and plan, and it falls to their senior leaders. This workshop focused on a flexible, agile
planning system that will increase coordination and results, while allowing plan resets
(even pivots) quickly and easily. These skills are scalable as the company growths, with
increasing formality and structure as needed.

The executives learned:

  •  How to build a concise operating plan.
  •  Start simply, so you can stick with it.
  •  Build a simple dashboard and key projects list.
  •  Learn the secret of creating a plan your team will accept.
  •  Learn how to monitor the plan and keep your team focused on the most important priorities.

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